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Welcome to Studentsamskipnaden i Sogn og Fjordane - SISOF

Mail address: Trolladalen 30, N- 6856 Sogndal, NORWAY.
Telephone: (+47) 57 67 62 90
Visiting address: Fosshaugane Campus - SOGNDAL

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SISOF is one of 23 "studentsamskipnader" in Norway whose task it is to ensure that student welfare needs are met. Students have the right to an "integrated learning environment", and this is where the student welfare organizations (studentsamskipnader) play an important role. In addition to meet student’s basic needs by providing accommodation, campus book store, kindergarten, social counseling services and cafeterias, SISOF and the other studentsamskipnader offer a wide range of welfare services. Students do not spend their days simply going from their lodgings to the library and back again, they have a social life too.

The studentsamskipnad is a free establishment as they are statutory companies and must survive in a market as other companies. The students pay a semester fee to their welfare organization. The semester fee to SISOF is NOK 450.

SISOF is an organization for the students run by the students. The student welfare organizations are run by a board where students, organization employees and college administration are represented. The students have a majority on the board, and the chair- person is a student. This means that the students govern their own service organization.

When you are an international student on an exchange program at HiSF, you are probably using our student accommodation and sometimes visit our student cafeterias, but you also might have health expenses during your stay and use our Health Expenses Fund. If you somehow have expenses concerning a doctor or psychiatrist, SISOF offers refunds of expenses within certain rules. We also in a similar way offer support in connection with expenses as a result of illness, dental treatment, physiotherapy, transport, technical equipment etc. Contact our social counselor about these services, she will also assist you in finding out where to go to get help from the other parts of the local welfare services.

Attachment 1 to the rental agreement 1.08.2017-31.07.2018

Attachment 1 to the rental agreement 1.08.2016-31.07.2017

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If you want to know more about SISOF and our services and activities we offer and support, please contact us!

As a new student in a foreign country, there is a lot to adjust to.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!

SISOF hope that you will enjoy your stay here and get memories and friends for life.